What is the purpose of this tool?

Using this tool will help community based organisations to become more informed about the long term costs of a building and produce robust and realistic plans for its future. It is important to assess the financial risks of taking on the long-term responsibility for a building’s operation and maintenance. This protects the interests of both prospective owners and stakeholders in community based building projects. 

As a result of undertaking an assessment using this tool, organisations will have a better awareness of key areas of future expenditure connected with a building project. The results will provide the decision-makers within the organisation with a reasoned basis upon which to go forward with a project or stop for a more fundamental re-think. 
Although this tool is a comprehensive resource, it should not be relied upon to provide all of the answers for a building project. We strongly recommend that organisation take appropriate professional advice to complement this initial assessment and to dig deeper into any areas of uncertainty.